A New Logo!

So I spent some time today finally messing around with the logo that’s been cooking in the back of my head for some time.  I’m pretty proud of the result:


The name Turboguppy originated with a game of scrabble back in the early nineties (1992, I think).  As with everything that ever happened with my friends and me, the game quickly left the rules behind and got completely out of control.  That game also gave birth to the Zolnpig, the spontaneous photasm, and many other bizzarre words.

For some time now I’ve been thinking of making a Turboguppy comic strip or short animated cartoon; I’m hoping I’ll have time to get to some of these ideas very soon.

I remember in high school I came up with some basic ideas for what a Turboguppy bit would look like.  First off, I thought he would probably have a costume of some sort: possibly a cape and a mask, since Turboguppy would obviously be a superhero.  Obviously the logo doesn’t contain these–perhaps this is an image of Turboguppy’s secret identity: Corbin Gold?  Yeah, that sounds fun.  See, ’cause Corbin Gold doesn’t wear a cape or mask, Turboguppy totally wears a cape and a mask!  Ha.  Well, maybe a mask, anyway. I mean, how exactly would a fish wear a cape, anywho?

He also has a sidekick, the Masked Minnow (I’ll get a picture of him sorted out soon).  I’ve thought of several bad guys too–The Ghastly Grouper, Octobrain, and don’t forget that most formidable gang, the Evil Porpoises.  I know, I know–I never said it wasn’t hopelessly goofy.

I’m thinking this may all come together under a larger project I’m currently calling Darwin, about a kid named Darwin Fynch and his wild imagination.  There’s even something kicking around in my head about a cowboy who rides a dinosaur…

That’s all for now. Stay tuned!

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