TurboguppyLogoVerySmallA game of Scrabble.  A dictionary discarded.  Two young men jam the rule book into a garbage compactor.

Turboguppy makes its way onto the board: Triple. Word. Score.

That was 1992, and turboguppy has been my handle ever since.  I used the name in IRL chat in 1995, and opened a hotmail account with it in 1996; that account is still active.  On the web there have been usurpers, but turboguppy.com is the home of the original.

So what is a turboguppy, anyway?

Some have speculated turboguppy refers to the Boeing 737, affectionately known as the guppy, with the turbo slapped on because, hey, turbojets, right?  Others have speculated I have too much time on my hands, think too much, and probably need a good psych eval.  I usually tell people: “Yes, you heard me right. Turboguppy.  As in ‘fast fish.’  Two P’s and a Y.”

In 1993 I was a senior in high school, and that year I gave some thought to the whole turboguppy idea.  No, really. I decided Turboguppy was the fish equivalent of a superhero.  As a superhero he would need a sidekick, so I created The Masked Minnow.  What good is a superhero if there are no supervillains?  Enter: Octobrain, The Ghastly Grouper, and the Evil Porpoises.

But what is the site really about?

In 2013 I was forced to admit that I am an artist.  I fought it for a long time–I thought I was a scientist.  Science and technology are endlessly fascinating to me.  I’ve always been a writer, but you can be a scientist and a writer without considering yourself an artist, right?  I picked up a camera and started doing photography.  I learned photoshop.  Then I decided I wanted to make movies, so I did.  Next, I picked up some Flash and started making animations.  I went out and bought a Bamboo tablet for drawing–and that’s when it hit me.  I just bought a special tool for drawing on my computer.  Sigh.  I am an artist.

turboguppy.com is my public place to display my art.  I have a ‘get started get distracted’ personality, and I’m hoping by making an effort to put material on a website I motivate myself to finish more things.  I also hope to make this a place for friends who want to publish written items but don’t have their own website, and don’t want to use facebook or other social media.  If you have something you’d like to post, please contact me.

What might you expect to find here?  Simple: Creative endeavor.  Science fiction and mysteries, bad poetry, and book and movie reviews.  Articles and essays on pretty much anything and everything; especially science and speculative fiction writing.  Project Darwin also finds a home here–it’s an animation series about a kid with a lot going on in his head.

You will also find collaborative writing space–The XenofluX Writing Group bulletin board is a place where writers can connect and discuss their work.

Finally, the rules.

  • When posting comments to stories, using social functions, or gabbing on the bulletin board, be cool.  If you are not being cool, your comments may be deleted.  If you are being a douche, you may get banned.  NO TROLLS.
  • I like to share, and want others to be able to spread my art and writing around.  I don’t mind others using my stuff as long as if they want to use it for commercial gain or to modify it, they contact me specifically first.  If you ask I will probably grant you a less restrictive usage license on anything I make.  If you bake me cookies I might let you pretend you made it yourself.
  • Unless otherwise specified, everything on turboguppy.com is published under the following creative commons licence:

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

  • Original works of fiction: Since a creative commons license cannot be revoked, and I may wish to publish later by selling printing rights, original works of fiction on this site are NOT licensed under the creative commons license.  Instead, these works are protected by copyright with no additional licensing.  Additionally, any works tagged as ‘NONCC’ or accompanied by or described by language denoting them as not licensed under the creative commons license are protected by copyright with no additional license rights given.  ANY WORK ON THIS SITE TAGGED AS FICTION OR NONCC IS NOT LICENSED UNDER CREATIVE COMMONS.

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